Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Teeny Tiny Sewing Project

We've been looking at the world through ocher colored glasses lately.  Yes, it's that time of the year when lovely yellow particles rain down from the sky to tint our cars and make some of us miserable.  Pollen time!  Yesterday our pollen count was 9369, and today it is all the way down to five thousand and something.  I heard once that somewhere just over 100 is considered extremely high.  If I tell you that right now my car appears to be orange, you can guess what color it really is.

This week I did a little sewing project that turned out so cute that I will make more.  It's a triangular thread catcher.  This appealed to me because of the geometry of it all:  a perfect equilateral triangle turns into a tiny receptacle for your orts.  I found the directions for it on the blog "Needling Things".  You'll find the directions very easy to follow with clear photos to guide you along.  The only change I made was to apply "soft" fusible interfacing to one of the fabric triangles.  I know exactly what I'm going to do with this one, and will include a photo in an upcoming post!

I've been making a little progress on "Folk Eggs" and will have a photo update soon.  I'm starting to think about that Kitty Kalendar again, and might work on that a bit.  Saturday is Stitch Day and I'm looking forward to seeing my stitching group.  We meet at the Stitch Store one Saturday a month.  Sometimes that doesn't seem like enough!  It's always a fun time and I get in a lot of stitching time, which is very much appreciated.

I just had to share some photos of what's blooming in my yard right now.  The fringey looking shrub is a Chinese Loropetalum.  It's always been a healthy plant, but has never bloomed so profusely as it is now!  I see this blast of bright pink whenever I look out the dining room window.
Chinese Loropetalum
What a surprise to find out that the dianthus we planted last year are perennials!  In fact, they bloomed most of the year.  Nice to have so many flowers in March!  And finally, here are some sweet little Phlox, which we hope will take over some of our "island" areas.  Ahhhhh, spring!

I now have 60 followers!  You don't know how it makes my day to go to my blog and see that another person has decided to follow my blog! 


  1. My sewing machine is so neglected right now, I haven't used it in well over a year, probably almost two years now.

    Your flowers are looking lovely!

  2. What a cute little box! Totally love it!