Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Latest Stitching Companions

As I keep stitching my latest project, I'm noticing something that I usually don't see on light-color fabric.  Lots of cat hair.  Our three cats come in many different colors and tend to shed quite a bit.  We do our best to keep this under control by brushing them and then using a very good vacuum on the house.  But we still see the fur flying.  Also not flying.  This is especially true when I wear black pants.  And when I stitch on black fabric, like I'm doing now.  So I have to keep these two little accessories close by when I'm working on Folk Eggs.  It's my Clover tweezers and a sticky roller!  The tweezers are amazingly accurate and have very sharp points, perfect for pulling that cat hair out of a stitch.  I use the sticky roller for going over the whole piece very lightly to get the worst of it off.  So now I have found the major drawback of stitching on a dark color.  I'm sure it's there when I stitch on white, off white or beige.  And I do realize that cat hair is often considered a "specialty fiber", but I don't need that much of it here.  So these little tools are helping immensely!

I've made some progress on "Folk Eggs", completing another egg!  I'm enjoying the basic colors that are used in this chart, and the actual stitching on the dark fabric is still a breeze for me.  My photo doesn't do this project justice.  The colors are actually much warmer in person.

I thought I'd share a photo of Sheila's latest crafty adventure.  We bought the beads for these necklace kits when we went to the bead show a couple of weeks ago.  Here's her almost-finished product.  It just needs the clasp.  I'd say she did a very good job on it, wouldn't you?

Cosmo is doing fine on his new diet, and he will visit the vet this week for another glucose test.  At that time we shall see if diet alone will be enough and if we'll be able to discontinue the insulin shots for good.  That's what we're hoping for!

This week I'll be embarking on two non-stitching projects!  I hope to have some progress to share soon.  I'm also continuing my craft room organization - slowly - but it is getting done.


  1. Pretty necklace. She did a great job! I use the roller too, but hadn't thought to use it while stitching. I don't understand why the cats are attracted to the fabric that best shows off their hair?

  2. The egg looks great and that is a beautiful necklace! I had the same cat hair problem when I used to have cats. I still find cat hair in my projects sometimes and it has been years since I've had cats!