Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Framed!

Thanks to everyone who had great ideas for how I can get going on my scrapbook, both here and on Facebook.  Those were some wonderful suggestions that make total sense to me.  I'm going to set some time aside for working on it. 

This hasn't been the biggest stitching week for me.  I've been a little tired and instead of taking out my stitching in the evening to do while watching TV (pretty impressive multitasking, huh?), I've tended to veg out in front of the TV.  But I recently framed up three projects myself, which is quite an accomplishment.  Stitchers often have a dilemma of what to do with finished projects.  Let's see, you can have them framed, make a pillow, craft it into a bellpull or wall hanging, or sew a pin cushion.  I know that there are other extremely creative things that people do with their finished cross stitch.  The dilemma comes when we want to frame our finishes.  Framing can be very costly and the more you stitch, the more $$$ you will part with. 

A few years back, I decided to learn how to do my own framing.  With the help of online instructions on how to pin my finished project to foam core board, and the discovery of American Frame, I am now a pretty good framer.  American Frame is a good source for custom frames, mats and foam core.  Plus, they'll cut a piece of plexiglass for you if you want.  They include all of the finishing hardware too.  The good part is that you can get a good result for a fraction of what the framing places cost, all for a little time and do-it-yourself work!  Now, if I ever finish my giant UFO or do any other large project, it will go to the professionals.  But for small stuff like what you see here, framing it myself just makes perfect sense. 

From left to right:  Snow White by Little House Needleworks; Joyful Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks; and I don't know what the one on the right is.  I stitched this one in 1988, first time stitching on linen.  I thought it was about time it was framed.


  1. Your framing looks so great! Thank you so much for the link to get framing materials.

  2. Cathy~What beautiful pieces and I especially love the one on the right. Your very first piece on linen and what a wonderful job you did. I really need to start learning to do my own framing as well. It costs so much, and because of that I tend to hold back on the finished pieces. Right off hand, do you know of any particular site that you feel is helpful? Keep up the beautiful work.

  3. They look fab, Cath! Excellent job framing them. Perfect frame choices too :)
    I love Joyful Summer - The colours are gorgeous.

  4. You have inspired me to attempt framing! I think of quiet creative times as "idea incubation," and we need that down time as much as stitching time. Love your framed stitchery. Karmen

  5. love the frame yourself bit .... I'm fortunate I can finish finishing into cushions etc .. not tried to properly frame yet.... lovely stitching and I think it might be a blue ribbons chart ?? love mouse xxxx