Monday, June 13, 2011

Oldies But Definitely Goodies

In my ongoing quest to organize my craft supplies, I've been a little surprised at how much stuff I was willing to part with. Attempting organization also uncovered a couple of things from my past that I had forgotten about. One is a small cross stitch sampler that I stitched in 1988. I know this because I conveniently stitched that it was "wrought" by me with the date right beside it. Also interesting is that this is my first piece stitched on linen, and it looks like 32 count. I don't know what the pattern is, but I'm pretty sure it came out of a cross stitch magazine. Why have I never framed this? It's a nice pattern and the colors are very pretty. Now that it's been unearthed, it will be getting framed.

The next item is a little strange, but I like it. It's a pillow kit that I bought from Avon in the late 70's. No year on this one but I'm thinking about 1978. Instead of cross stitch, this little number features yarn embroidery done on stamped fabric. The kit originally came with a pillow back in a very shocking shade of turquoise, which must have hit the circular file sometime ago. Despite the funky color combos and the fact that this looks a little dated, it will become a little throw pillow.

See what you might come up with when you decide to organize! A lot of trash (as in my case), and possibly some treasures.

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